Welcome to PSINCAAN: Pseudonyms in Nineteenth Century African American Newspapers

This wiki site aims to gather the collective knowledge of scholars across disciplines about pseudonyms used by any writers, editors, and correspondents in African American newspapers during the nineteenth century. We believe that such a lightweight site can do much to accelerate the pace of research in the rich histories of black periodicals during the long nineteenth century.

Publications (listed by start date)

Freedom's Journal
The Right's of All
The Weekly Advocate
Colored American
Palladium of Liberty
Ram's Horn
The North Star
Frederick Douglass' Paper
The National Era
Aliened American
Provincial Freeman
Weekly Anglo-African
The Christian Recorder
Douglass' Monthly
The Anglo-African Magazine

Principles of Selection

The principles of selection for this site are those publications included in James Danky, and Maureen E. Hady. African-American Newspapers and Periodicals: A National Bibliography. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1998. Print. We also define the nineteenth century broadly, and expect contributors' interests will challenge the bounds of conventional periodization.

If you feel a publication is missing and should be included, please write to the site organizers and we'll do our best to get a page created promptly.

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